{Sydney's Bridal Brunch | Fort Worth, TX}

As the days go by, my little sister's wedding is getting closer and closer. I can't believe my little sister is getting married. She has truly found her perfect match and I couldn't be happier for her. Over the last year she has been a busy bee with wedding planning and I know her day will be perfect. 

I hosted her bridal shower, and let me tell you, being over 800 miles away made it a bit challenging. Then, getting there was a disaster! It was already a super quick trip since my hubby has to work. I was scheduled to fly out around lunch Friday and we were going to decorate what we could Friday night then finish up final touches before the shower Saturday. Wellll, mother nature had other plans. 

I get to the airport 2 hours early like you are supposed to, sit down at my gate, only to get a notification that my flight was delayed by 3 hours. As if that weren't bad enough, we all board after the 3 hours was up, only to be told its delayed again. So off the plane we go. Then it was delayed another time and finally we board a second time...only to get told the flight was cancelled because our pilot was over his hours. 

At this point, it is after 8pm, so I have to go get a refund, then run around the airport trying to find an airline that has a flight out Friday night, because there was NO WAY I was missing her shower. Well after being told there weren't any flight out until Saturday, I finally found one. So, back through security I went...again. 

I finally make it to Texas around midnight. Since we couldn't decorate that night, that meant finishing up decorating until 2am, then up by 6am to do all the decorating that morning. But really...who needs sleep? ;P

BUT, even with the chaos, the day turned out perfect. It was beautiful and it was filled with people who love Sydney and were there celebrating such a special time for her. It could not have been more perfect. Even with the tsunami outside, people still showed up for her. <3

It was such a special weekend and I'm so happy I was there to take part in it. I am so excited for my little sister (and future brother-in-law). She is getting her happily ever after and it's been pretty amazing to watch. <3