{His First Sandwich | Loveland, Colorado}

Lately I have focused on capturing the simple moments with my boys. I have learned as a mom those are the moments I cherish most. The ones that are unposed and natural. Just my boys being their silly selves.

The other day Range, my 3 year old, asked if he could make a PB&J all by himself. I had mixed feelings about this. While I love seeing them grow and learn, it is also a little heartbreaking. My babies are not really babies anymore. They are becoming independent, opinionated little people. 

So, at this bittersweet moment where my little baby boy showed me he wasn't a baby anymore, I decided to pull out my camera and capture such a small, yet big moment in our lives. And I couldn't be more thankful that I did. 

What's so funny, is I expected my kitchen to be a disaster. I was fully prepared to have a huge mess to clean up. I accepted that it was worth it. Shocking to me however, he was SO NEAT! He made smaller of a mess than his big brother makes daily when he makes himself a sandwich. Range was so particular about how he closed everything once he was done. Then he even cleaned everything up and put it away once he was finished. For a kid who basically always absolutely refuses to clean up, he is quite a tidy food maker. ;)

I am so happy with how this session turned out. I have gone back and looked at them too many times to count. These will forever be cherished. This moment captured and frozen in time.