{And So She Dances in the Sun | Loveland, Colorado}

I recently purchased the Sigma Art 24mm lens. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to try it out with this sweet girl. This lens is so great for "artsy" shots. It seems to capture at the exact perfect moment. I can see me having a lot of fun with it in the future. 

The little lady is full of personality. Her Mama dressed her so cute and ever put a pretty bow in. Miss thang said no way. ;P if you saw our kids together, you would totally understand why they are friends. She keeps me on my toes, but as long as I have something to bribe her with, usually candy, she is good to go. ;)

For this shoot we went to Loveland Sports Park and took over a portion of one of the open fields while the soccer players took the other. You'd never know we were on a sports field. Again showing that photography isn't always about location. You can create magic anywhere.

I jsut happened to grab this wrap on my way out of the house, not even sure we would use it. I pulled it out a few minutes before we were done and it was pure perfection. When she started twirling with it, the sun hit the sequins perfectly. 

I'm so happy with how this session turned out and I look forward to more session in the beautiful sunlight now that it is warming up a bit.